Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth ORCHID

Orchid is one of my favorite flowers.
Among of them, my #1 choice for summer time is L. Parpurata.
Each flower is not so big, but they are very elegant to my eyes.

I took this by the technique so called time leap photography.
It requires timer and “well organised preparation”,
since I have no idea which direction they will bloom, how fast it would be…
In general, it takes at least several days to complete,
…sometimes more than week or so.

If you are Canon Digital SLR user like me, you can use software comes with that DSLR.
Just connect with your PC with USB cable does all jobs that TIMER would do.

Here is what I got. (This is not brand new shot though.)

If this picture is not animated, you may need to refresh your browser.
Internet Explorer is known to have memory problem with large animated GIFs.
if it is possible, I prefer Chrome, Fire Fox, Safari, and Opera for this post.

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If you are interested in this challenge, check out here

こちらは同じ花 Lパープラータの3りんバージョンです。
上にも書きましたがキャノンのデジタル一眼ユーザーの方ならタイマーを買わなくても付属CD内のソフトを入れればUSBでPCに繋いで撮影できます。 色々な事に応用できて楽しいので興味のある方は是非お試しください。


にほんブログ村 写真ブログ デジタル写真へ


Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth ORCHID」への30件のフィードバック

    • Thank you.
      Sure you can do it with your Nikon.
      Just make sure you have solid tripod or tape it very tight.
      And be careful about battery shortage. If it is possible use either AC adapter (never run out) or timer (has a function save battery, so called sleep mode).
      Good luck.

    • Oh, I am sorry that I have not seen it yet.
      So, I have just done some quick tour on his work.
      I could only find some documentaries on BBC.
      Unfortunately they are all video.
      If you can provide more info about the name of his work, I would be much appreciate it.
      Thank you for your info.

      • Thank you for the info! I found it.
        I saw a salamander tong like a bullet,
        and a shrimp punches like a boxer.
        They are just breath taking.
        I really enjoy his program, actually I may buy one copy for myself.

      • Finally, I found IT!!!
        “Kingdom Of Plants With David Attenborough”
        You are right, it is breathtaking.
        3D filming technology is just freakin’ awesome.
        This will be my next step!
        Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment.
      Ha ha, you do not have to be so ambitious to do it.
      Just use your tripod and take anything.
      Believe me, anything you take will be gorgeous.
      ….anything, such as cloud in the sky.
      My favorite is tea leaves, I will post in the future.

    • Hi Isadora, Thank you so much for your comment.
      I’ve been taking photograph of orchids for about 6 years.
      I grow orchids by myself too.
      They are really amazing species that have so many functions to survive.
      More I know about them, more amazing they would be.
      Thank you so much for the link. Sure, I will check it out.

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